The Academic Partner of PECB University in the Middle East

EGYBYTE cooperates with PECB University as the first and only agent in Egypt and the Middle East to prepare specialized cadres for the accreditation of Business Administration in more than five fields.

After eight years of great cooperation with @PECB in delivering professional courses which have actual professional knowledge and hands-on experience to hundreds of our customers who need to get knowledge and recognition, we are so proud to announce that @EGYBYTE has become @PECB University Academic Partner in MENA and Europe. This partnership will enable EGYBYTE to extend its support to customers who dream to have an executive professional MBA and not regular academic one. What makes our new MBA a great choice is that it will enable you to have:

  1. PECB professional training delivered by SMEs physically or online supported by @PECB great courseware.
  2. Great educational experience delivered by professors online from USA.
  3. The ability to take one or more of the required or selected professional courses in self-study style to suite your availability and pace more.
  4. Transfer the PECB courses you have already taken and passed their exams before to @PECB University MBA credits.
  5. Get an American accredited Executive MBA in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Cybersecurity.

About PECB University

PECB University is an independent institution of higher education focusing its efforts on educating the various disciplines of business administration, with principles and ideas inspired by its parent company, PECB Inc. Global certification body for individuals in accordance with international standards.

Building on the above, PECB seeks to communicate this solid experience, and provide useful academic disciplines for the future, as it aims to use integrated and updated curricula to add value to the professional development of its students, so that students, in turn, have the skills and knowledge to make an impact in their workplace and innovate to become the leaders of change.

PECB is a purpose-built private institution offering MBA, Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate programs aimed at candidates who are eager to enhance their academic knowledge and practical skills to advance their career prospects through a structured approach and collaboration based on innovation and learning.

The Executive MBA offers various fields and specializations: PECB

PECB University’s Executive MBA in Business Continuity Management is designed for candidates who wish to develop a comprehensive understanding of how to manage business disruptions, emergencies, or threats in an organization. Through the programme, candidates acquire the necessary competence on how to respond in an emergency, and how to manage it successfully so that the operations and business continuity of the organization are not distorted.

Executive MBA in Business Continuity Management.

In today’s dynamic world a degree with no specialization can hardly yield well-rounded qualifications and serve as a substantial baggage for climbing the career
ladder. Taking control over your own future and leading others toward triumphant fronts requires qualifications of significant value that place you in a superior
position amongst others. PECB University, through its higher education opportunities, is committed to preparing you to face the increasing challenges of a given
occupation while getting a handle on best field specific and business related practices. In a world of vast uncertainties and complexities, we prepare you how to
apply analytical skills in solving real-world problems. We aim to develop you into a competent field expert and a smart business decision maker.

We guide you through expertise by serving competency-based and career-focused education. The core of our interest is to make our programs available to people of all demographics and dismantle the barriers of time and distance by taking advantage of technology.

Executive MBA – Risk Management (Governance, Risk and Compliance).

The PECB Executive MBA in Risk Management program covers the basic principles of risk management and the various applicable areas of its criteria, such as making PECB graduates experts in the field and an important asset to the organization.

Program candidates will be qualified to analyze the operations of the entire organization, from simple procedures to complex ones, to identify areas most vulnerable to fraud and potential risks.

Executive MBA – Cyber Security.

PECB University’s Executive MBA in Cyber Security prepares candidates to manage business challenges related to information security technically and strategically with a focus on the business side.

Candidates for the program develop their technical skills in information systems and acquire knowledge in the areas of business administration, such as acquiring the necessary competencies to draw common conclusions between information security and business risk management.

For mor information about EGYBYTE cooperates with PECB University download PECB University Brochure

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