What is the ISO 9001 standard ?

What is the ISO 9001 standard ?

ISO 9001 is considered one of the international standards in quality, as it includes many standards for quality management, and the ISO 9001 standard is considered one of the standards of the International Organization for Standardization

The updating of the ISO rules is carried out according to the internationally agreed requirements, taking into account information and knowledge progress, and its goal is to develop companies and improve their quality.

The ISO 9001 standard is considered as a set of policies, planning and implementation processes to ensure the organizationā€™s ability to meet the requirements and needs of its customers. The principle of quality management is based on improving services and developing management permanently for customer services, needs and requirements. The ISO 9001 system can be applied to all institutions and companies completely, regardless of their size. Or its place in the world, whether it is a governmental or private institution

What are the benefits that organizations get from obtaining the ISO 9001 certification ?

  1. The application of a system based on management as a whole and not individuals, so that the development of the company or institution continues
  2. Assisting organizations in implementing effective and orderly management in all their operations and activities
  3. The organization’s ability to know the risks it faces, plan for solutions and be fully aware of them
  4. The application of ISO 9001 standards is considered evidence of quality and its application in all stages, whether in the manufacturing, sales or after-sales services stage, and taking into account full quality in all steps

What are the stages of applying ISO 9001 standards ?

  1. Holding an inaugural meeting to present and discuss the project
  2. gap analysis
  3. Qualification and training of cadres
  4. Authentication of documents related to the quality management system ISO 9001
  5. Beginning of the application process, documentation and record keeping
  6. internal audit
  7. Holding work meetings for the management review committee
  8. ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 Certification Requirements

The ISO 9001 standard is a set of standard elements that face implementation and application in the quality management system, and all requirements are designed to be applicable to all companies in various industries – whether they are for production or services, and on this basis we can know the requirements and their mandatory elements of the quality management system

What are the guidelines that are applied in the ISO 9001 Quality Management System ?

  1. Full commitment from the main management and the need to provide resources and basic needs
  2. A team of employees worked in the company to manage the various roles, provided that the ISO 9001 quality management system was applied
  3. Determining a leader for each team and knowing his commitments and requirements that must be applied to each individual within each team
  4. Appointing a consultant to follow up the course of things if necessary
  5. Knowing, understanding and applying ISO 9001 standards to apply quality management standards in the organization
  6. Granting training courses for human cadres to follow up on the implementation of ISO standards
  7. Preparing the necessary procedures and recording them in paper or electronic way to be followed up on time
  8. Follow-up and analysis of risks, knowledge of opportunities and their application, knowledge of goals and identification of their implementation, and follow-up of quality management policies
  9. Implementation of documented applications and obligating all individuals to abide by and implement it
  10. Executing the internal audit of the company or organization and preparing internal auditors
  11. The ISO 9001 awarding body is requested so that the internal audit of the organization is carried out in accordance with quality standards

What are the bodies or institutions that are interested in applying ISO 9001 quality management standards ?

  1. Companies and institutions, regardless of their location, specialization, and the activities they carry out, whether they are service or production
  2. Institutions and companies that specialize in industry, commerce, services and agriculture
  3. Universities, schools and educational institutions of various specializations
  4. Hospitals, medical centers and health institutions
  5. Banks, centers specialized in physical transactions, insurance companies and information security institutions
  6. Engineering companies working in the field of contracting, infrastructure and construction
  7. All production and service companies and institutions with different quality of service or product that you produce


The service and production companies and institutions with their various specializations and aspirations are looking forward to gaining the confidence of customers, and the application of ISO 9001 quality management standards makes them gain that confidence, and is considered evidence of the quality of the product or service, and enables the management to follow up the institution in all its stages, whether they are production or service, so companies and institutions look To prove its quality and close the trust of its customers

Therefore, EGYBYTE always advances to help companies and institutions to implement ISO 9001 quality management standards, and you can follow up on the various services provided by EGYBYTE .

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